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Sonic City: an exhibition of photography, A/V installation, community action

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posted on 2021-05-22, 16:37 authored by Philip Skoczkowski
By taking participatory action research, utilizing sound as a means of harnessing the socio-cultural, and documentary exhibiting as mimesis, this paper takes themes of contemporary underground dance music culture, sonics, political engagement, and human development in urban spaces and looks at the key processes involved in formulating my documentary project Sonic City throughout the years 2014-2016. From personal experiences in Berlin (GER), London (UK), and Toronto (CAN) to research on the ephemeral nature of what creates thriving underground dance music scenes, this paper proposes that discotheques are vital and underestimated spaces for urban development, where complex socio-cultural monads of production and consumption are exercised and actualized. Sonic City as a documentary project is meant to shed light onto the places, spaces, and people involved in this vibrant culture, while as an artistic endeavour is attempting to put relational aesthetics at the forefront of documentary exhibiting, blurring the lines between gallery expectations and dance space experience.





  • Master of Fine Arts


  • Documentary Media

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Ryerson University

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  • MRP