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Shock-less Hypersonic Intakes

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posted on 2021-06-08, 12:42 authored by Seyed Hossein Miri
The accuracy of CFD for simulating hypersonic air intake flow is verified by calculating the flow inside a Busemann type intake. The CFD results are then compared against the “exact” solution for the Busemann intake as calculated from the Taylor-McColl equations for conical flow. The method proposed by G. Emanuel (the Lens Analogy) for generating an intake shape that transforms parallel and uniform hypersonic (freestream) flow isentropically to another parallel and uniform, less hypersonic, flow has been verified by CFD (SOLVER II) simulation, based on Finite Volume Method (FVM). The shock-less (isentropic) nature of the Lens Analogy (LA) flow shapes has been explored at both on and off-design Mach numbers. The Lens Analogy (LA) method exhibits a limit line (singularity) for low Mach number flows, where the streamlines perform an unrealistic reversal in direction. CFD calculations show no corresponding anomalies.





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Ryerson University

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