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Run-time thermal management based on task migration techniques in 3D chip multiprocessors

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posted on 2021-05-23, 09:39 authored by Sulaiman Obaid Aljeddani
The industry trend of Chip Multiprocessors (CMPs) architecture is to move from 2D CMPs to 3D CMPs architecture for obtain higher performance, more reliability, and reduced memory access latency. However, one key challenge in designing the 3D CMPs is the thermal issue as a result of maximizing the throughput . Therefore, applying Runtime Thermal Management (RTM) has become crucial for controlling thermal hotspots. In this thesis, two methods of run-time task migration are presented to balance the temperature and reduce the number of hotspots in 3D CMPs. The proposed techniques consider hotspots both in the core and the memory layers simultaneously to make the optimum run-time task migration decisions. The first proposed approach is divided into two algorithms working in parallel, which aim at maximizing the throughput on the 3D CMPs while satisfying the peak temperature constraints. Experimental results show that the proposed architecture yields up to 60% reduction in overall chip energy. The proposed architecture improves the IPC for canneal and fluidanimate applications by 18% and 14%, respectively. In the second method, the proposed technique migrates the hottest core with the optimal coldest core instead of the coldest core in the core layer. The optimal coldest core is selected by considering hotspots.





  • Master of Applied Science


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Ryerson University

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