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Investigation of Load Distribution Factors for Two-Span Continuous Composite Multiple Boxgirder Bridges

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posted on 2021-06-08, 09:58 authored by Manal Ibrahim
Bridges formed of concrete deck slab over built-up steel-box girders are frequently used in bridge construction for their economic and structural advantages. Box girder bridges impose structural challenges to get the straining actions for the design of girders. The objective of this study is to determine the load distribution characteristics for continuous composite multiple–box girder bridges under CHBDC truck loading. An extensive parametric study was conducted using the three-dimensional finite element to evaluate the moment and shear distribution factors when bridges subjected to CHBDC truck loading. The parameters considered in this study are the span length, number of lanes and number of boxes. Then, simple empirical formula for the bending moment and shear force were developed for the structural design. Correlation of the developed expressions based on FEA results with available CHBDC and AASHTO-LRFD formula showed that the former allow engineers to design such bridges more economically and reliably.





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Ryerson University

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  • Thesis

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Khaled Sennah