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Bibliography on Immigration and Settlement in the Toronto Area, Third Edition

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posted on 2021-05-24, 20:59 authored by Michael Doucet, Rebecca Hii

"While not designated by the United Nations, as many falsely believe, as the world’s most multicultural city, Toronto in the early years of the 21 century is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. Much st of this diversity has resulted from post-World War II migration to the city from all parts of the globe. Over the years, and especially during the last two decades, numerous studies have been produced in which various aspects of immigration and settlement in the Toronto area have been examined. This Bibliography, an update of earlier versions published by CERIS in 1999 and 2003, provides a listing of books, monographs, research reports, graduate theses, book chapters, and journal articles that deal with immigration and settlement in the Toronto area. Undergraduate theses are not included here. Access to some relatively obscure publications has never been easier, thanks to postings on the internet. Attention is directed to two websites in particular:, which is home to a variety of community/agency-developed reports, and the ‘Search’ function found at, which provides digital access to CERIS Working Papers, the CERIS Policy Matters series, some theses, and a variety of other research reports and documents. Items available from these sites are so indicated within square brackets at the end of a citation. Moreover, readers are also directed to the Housing New Canadians website, which is located at Two selected bibliographies, on Housing and Immigrants and Housing-Related Discrimination in Canada, can be found at this site. Items in this Bibliography cover the entire history of Toronto and include all “ethnic” and racial groups, including such institutions as the Orange Order. For ease of use, the listings have been divided into three broad categories. The first of these contains a variety of topics under the heading of Studies on Immigration and Settlement in the Toronto Area, while the second is subdivided on the basis of Studies of Particular Groups or Communities. In this edition of the Bibliography, all of the entries in this latter grouping also have been included under the appropriate category or categoriesin the first section. Several new subheadings have been added to each of these major groupings for this version of the Bibliography. A final division contains more than 150 works of fiction set in Toronto immigrant communities, with almost two dozen new entries in this edition." -- from p.iii




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