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Wendy Freeman


  • Participation in OER Creation: A Trajectory of Values
  • Prompting authentic blogging practice in an online graduate course
  • Graduating undergraduate student internet use
  • Designing open access, educational resources / Développer des ressources éducatives en libre accès
  • Grounded design for a learning environment for graduate student researchers
  • From concept to implementation: Tracing meaning in a blended learning development project
  • Finding the Individual in Collaborative Online Learning Environments
  • Domesticating Everyday Technologies for Teaching
  • Early Experiences in Broadening the Use of Web-Based Learning to Mainstream Faculty
  • Design Considerations for Supporting the Reluctant Adoption of Blended Learning
  • Weblogging as a part of academic practice: Reflections on graduate students’ early experiences
  • Reflecting on the Culture of Research Using Weblogs
  • Questionnaire data – Students’ Understandings of their Experiences in Graduate School
  • Investigating Research Apprenticeship Online, Part 1

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