Toronto Metropolitan University

Uchechukwu Ngwaba

Assistant Professor (Law and legal practice; Health sciences)

Toronto, Canada


  • Between tunnel vision and a sliding scale
  • The international criminal court as a 'transitional justice' mechanism in africa
  • Between tunnel vision and a sliding scale
  • Getting it right with health
  • The Right to Health: Is There a Correlation Between Domestic Commitment and Treaty Engagement?
  • Getting it Right with Health: Foreign Direct Investment as Africa's Best Chance to Achieve the Health Targets of Agenda 2030 Sustainably?
  • The International Criminal Court as a 'Transitional Justice' Mechanism in Africa: Some Critical Reflections
  • International Accountability in the Implementation of the Right to Development and the “Wonderful Artificiality” of Law: An African Perspective
  • Between Tunnel Vision and a Sliding Scale: Power, Normativity and Justice in the Praxis of the International Criminal Court
  • Adequate preparedness and response to future pandemics through the creation of a regional framework for health governance within the Inter-American Human Rights System – agenda for future research

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