Toronto Metropolitan University

Mustafa Koc

Professor (Sociology and related studies)

Toronto, Canada

Mustafa Koc is a professor of Sociology at the Toronto Metropolitan University. Mustafa has a BA from Bogazici University (1978), an MA from the University of Waterloo (1982) and a PhD from the University of Toronto (1989) in Sociology. He has been at the Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) since 1993. Prof. Koc was among the founders of the Centre for Studies in Food Security (1994/95), Food Secure Canada (2005) and the Canadian Association for Food Studies (2005). His research focuses on the sociology of food, food studies, food security, food policy and the sociology of immigration and globalisation. Prof. Koc received the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Association for Food Studies, 2017; the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Volunteer Service Award, 2017; the Faculty Association’s Career Achievement Award, 2016 and the Provost’s Interdisciplinary Teaching Award in 2014 at the Toronto Metropolitan University.


  • Mustafa Koç ile Gıda Çalışmaları Üzerine Söyleşi
  • Critical Perspectives in Food Studies. Edited by Mustafa Koc
  • Food Banking in Turkey
  • Food Security as a Neoliberal Discourse
  • Persistence as an Historically Specific Possibility: The case of tobacco production in Aegean Turkey
  • Our Common Responsibility: The Impact of a New War on Iraqi Children
  • Gıda Krizi, Gıda Politikaları Ve Yönetişim Mekanizmaları
  • Newcomer Food Security and Safety
  • Critical Perspectives in Food Studies, Third Edition
  • Küresel Gıda Düzeni: Kriz Derinleşirken
  • Armer les villes contre la faim : Systèmes alimentaires urbains durables
  • For Hunger-proof Cities: Sustainable Urban Food Systems
  • The Association Between Afghan Refugees’ Food Insecurity and Socio-economic Factors in Iran: A Case Study of Khorasan Razavi Province
  • Food Safety and Diversity in the COVID-19 Era: Experiences of Public Health and Settlement Officials with New Immigrants
  • Household food insecurity and associated socio-economic factors among recent Syrian refugees in two Canadian cities
  • Food security discourse: Challenges for the 21st Century
  • Crisis of legitimacy and challenges for food policy
  • Food, Identity and Immigrant Experience
  • The restructuring of food systems: Trends, research, and policy issues
  • The association of the quality of life with Afghan households’ food insecurity before and after the recent political change in Afghanistan: a comparative analysis
  • Food Crisis, Food Policies and Governance Mechanisms
  • Getting Civil About Food: The Interactions between Civil Society and the State to Advance Sustainable Food Systems in Canada
  • “A Double-double and a Maple-glazed Doughnut”
  • Food Security and Food Sovereignty in Iraq: The Impact of War and Sanctions on the Civilian Population
  • Understanding State Policies in Agriculture
  • La globalización como discurso
  • Factors associated with Afghan household food security pre- and post-Taliban regime
  • Household food insecurity and associated socio-economic factors among recent Syrian refugees in two Canadian cities
  • Book Review/CompteRendu: David Inglis and Debra Gimlin, Globalization of Food. Oxford & New York: Berg, 2010, 296 pp. $28.63 paper (978-1-691-84520-2)
  • Alimentos, prácticas alimentarias y experiencia de la inmigración
  • Gıda Politikaları ve Kanada Örneği
  • Kent Gıda Politikaları Arayışı
  • Two Crises or One? Persistence and Disappearance of Simple Commodity Production in Tobacco in Turkey and Canada
  • To Build on Hope: Overcoming the Challenges Facing Newcomer Youth at Risk in Ontario
  • The Importance Of Food Retail Stores In Identifying Food Deserts In Urban Settings
  • Travailler ensemble: La société civile se mobilise pour la sécurité alimentaire au Canada
  • Food Safety and Diversity: Knowledge Transfer/Translation and Chinese Newcomers in Toronto
  • Capturing the Outcomes and Impacts of SSHRC Funding in Food Studies 1998-2007
  • Working together: Civil Society Working for Food Security in Canada
  • İstanbul Gıda Stratejisi Belgesi
  • Tehlike, Afet, Felaket: Kader Toplumunda Risk Yönetimi
  • Mustafa Koc's address at his retirement event at TMU on December 1, 2023
  • A Machine Learning Approach to Translate Graph Representations into Conceptual Massing Models

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