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Matt Jones (he/him) is an Assistant Professor in the School of Professional Communication at Toronto Metropolitan University. His research examines political violence through performance and communication theory. Matt holds a Ph.D. from the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto and an MA in English Literature from Concordia University. Matt’s research has received support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship. His writing has been recognized with prizes from the Canadian Association for Theatre Research and the Association for Theatre in Higher Education. Recently, he was the recipient of a 2022 University of Toronto Scarborough Teaching Award. Research interests My writing has examined the relationship between performance, communication, militarization, and racism in a range of media, including comics, theatre, live art, photography, digital media, and law. I am interested i


  • Sarin Gas Heartbreak: Theatre and Post-Truth Warfare in Syria
  • Citizen in Exception: Omar Khadr and the Performative Gap in the Law
  • Drunken Language, Elliptical Politics: Caryl Churchill’s Oblique Protest Theatre
  • The Shock and Awe of the Real: Political Performance and the War on Terror
  • Vomiting on New Friends: Charlie Hebdo and the Legacy of Anarchic Black Humor in French Comics
  • Editorial: Performance in an Age of Gross Incompetence
  • Is This Still That? Comedy in the Age of Post-Truth
  • Forced Entertainment? Gamified Surveillance in Theatre Conspiracy’s Foreign Radical
  • Editorial: Post-Truth?
  • Towards a Theatre of Global Empathy: Imagining Otherness in the War on Terror
  • After Kandahar: Canadian Theatre’s Engagement with the War in Afghanistan
  • Gross Incompetence
  • Post-Truth?
  • Bare Life and Disaster Artists
  • Performing Post-Truth: An Interview with Director Ashlie Corcoran
  • Rev. of George Belliveau and Graham W. Lea, eds. Contact! Unload: Military Veterans, Trauma, and Research-Based Theatre. UBC Press, 2020.
  • Rev. of Bharucha, Rustom. Terror and Performance.
  • Rev. of Meerzon, Yana. Performing Exile, Performing Self: Drama, Theatre, Film.
  • Rev. of Williamson, Janice, ed. Omar Khadr, Oh Canada.
  • Is This Still That? An Interview with CBC’s Peter Oldring
  • Rev. of Williamson, Janice, ed. Omar Khadr, Oh Canada
  • Rev. of Williamson, Janice, ed. Omar Khadr, Oh Canada
  • On the Ends and Endings of Protest

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