Toronto Metropolitan University

Kathleen Hammond


  • Not Worth the Wait: Why the Long-Awaited Regulations Under the AHRA Don’t Address Egg Donor Concerns
  • Assisted Human Reproduction Act (2004)
  • Formation of the Agreement: Certainty of Terms
  • Relationally Speaking: The Implications of Treating Embryos as Property in a Canadian Context
  • Governments’ accountability for Canada’s pandemic response
  • Unnecessary and Redundant? Evaluating Canada’s Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, 2017
  • Breaking the Ice: Young Feminist Scholars of Reproductive Politics Reflect on Egg Freezing
  • The role of normative ideologies of motherhood in intended mothers' experiences of egg donation in Canada
  • Searching for a Summary Judgment Equivalent in Quebec Procedural Law
  • Answering in Emergency: The Law and Accountability in Canada’s Pandemic Response
  • Structural Racism and Income-Related Health Inequities in The Ontario Government and Its Public Health Units’ Response to The Covid-19 Pandemic

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