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iTUTORS App/Platform for Online Education

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posted on 2023-05-24, 20:10 authored by Khaled Al-Hammadi

What does the iTUTORS App look like and what will make it different and unique in a realm of educational Apps everywhere in the world? The core idea of this project is to create a marketplace for free or affordable education, where students or learners can meet with teachers and tutors who speak their own language regardless of where they are living. This platform will help both of them; the students to get free or affordable tutoring and the teachers to earn extra income to improve their living cost particularly in the war zones or poor communities. 

This project aims to build a new platform for providing online live tutoring for learners through a mobile phone App and make it accessible for anyone in the world. It will launch its first stage with free service in the Middle East, where many countries are suffering from armed conflicts. In Yemen and Syria, for example, this resulted in millions of students dropping from schools during the past few years. This project will create a platform in both forms of mobile Progressive Web App (PWA), compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as a website to make it easy to access for any student or teacher by any device they have.





  • Master of Digital Media


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Ryerson University

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Dr. Aziz Guergachi