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"You Have to Have Tough Skin": The Impact of Social Exclusion on Immigrant Mothers of Children with Disabilities

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:33 authored by M. Majella Skrinda
This exploratory research considers the way gender, racialized ethnicity, and disability, as markers of difference, contribute to the social exclusion experienced by immigrant mothers as primary caregivers of child(ren) with a disability. Interviews were held with eight immigrant mothers in the Greater Toronto Area exploring barriers to accessing informal, formal networks of support, and the resulting impact on their lives. The findings include a lack of ethno-specific and extended family support as well as a lack of accessible, transparent government, social service information, and service provision. Other issues concern language, equity and access to services, impact on personal health, caregiving for aging parents, and future concerns for their children’s short and long-term welfare. Recommendations are based on a social inclusion framework of principles, which are relevant to policy makers, service providers, educators, and members of society.





Immigration and Settlement Studies

Granting Institution

Ryerson University

Thesis Advisor

Melanie Panitch