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Storytelling from the Colonial Margins of the Academy: Urban Mixed Ancestry Indigenous experience in and around social work classrooms of T’karonto

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posted on 2023-05-17, 16:44 authored by Leah Roberts
This is an Indigenous research journey. This journey focuses on the stories of the lived experiences of Urban Mixed Ancestry Indigenous students in T’karonto while attending post-secondary social work classrooms where they received Indigenous focused or indigenized curricula. Using a Mohawk approach to research (that includes traditional teachings from an Elder and a storytelling approach), this paper explores the impact this curriculum has on Urban Mixed Ancestry Indigenous social work students as they express their stories of attending university and their social work program in T’karonto - through paintings. It also explores the colonial, societal and institutional factors that cause Urban Mixed Ancestry Indigenous students to question their Indigenous identity within post-secondary social work classrooms. These stories provide knowledge on how to move forward in a good way when implementing Indigenized curricula within non-Indigenous and settler-colonial classrooms. Keywords: Indigenous, Storytelling, T’karonto, Urban, Mixed Ancestry, Social Work, Students





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