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‘Every Rope Gat Two Ends’: A Study of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in the Caribbean and its Local Economic Impacts

posted on 2024-02-20, 17:43 authored by Shivanie MangalShivanie Mangal

The Caribbean, a region in the developing world has engaged with the People’s Republic of China Belt & Road Initiative in recent years. An ambitious global investment and trade initiative promoting a process of inclusive globalization. This study investigates the fundamental question of how China’s foreign direct investment is contributing to sustainable economic development in local communities in the Caribbean. Traditionally an underrepresented region in literature, this study provides an original and creative perspective that makes a significant contribution to the research. A qualitative research approach is adopted that is triangulated among interviews, questionnaires, and measurable project evidence. The key findings suggests that while there is substantiation of engagement with local communities, there exists a significant gap in objectives between China and the Caribbean. The economic and endogenous development goals of local communities are not wholly met within an engaged capacity building framework. As such, policy remedies are recommended.





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