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ZigBee standard implementation for a wireless temperature system

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posted on 2021-05-24, 18:34 authored by Ritchinder R. S. Samrai
This project is concerned with the application of the ZigBee communication standard for implementing a temperature measurement system. Due to ZigBee's low-power and low data rate features, it is ideal for analog sensor systems. Digi's ZigBee devices called XBee are used in this project. The XBee devices meet all the ZigBee standard. The XBee device has the advantage of being programmed with API firmware (application programming interface). XBee's API provides fast and reliable communication between the remote stations and the base station. The remote station has three different modules: power supply, temperature sensor and XBee device. The power supply is designed to output 3.3V. The temperature sensor is designed so that the output stays within the XBee's maximum analog input voltage range of 0V to 1.2V. The XBee device is programmed as a router. The base station has three different modules: Arduino microcontroller, LCD display and XBee device. The Arduino is programmed to receive the analog readings from the XBee device and convert them into temperature readings The temperature readings are displayed on the LCD display. The XBee device is programmed as a coordinator. The design successfully worked for 3 remote stations and 1 base station.



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