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Yo Cuento*: Latin American Immigrant Children Tell Their Stories *Yo cuento is Spanish for I narrate/I matter

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posted on 2023-06-22, 18:25 authored by Monica Carolina Valencia Vega
Despite considerable interest in studying immigrant children in Canada, few studies include immigrant children as study participants. This study involved 10 children born in Latin American who have lived in Canada for five years or less. These children were between the ages of nine and 11 - five boys and five girls. Five children were from Colombia, two from Venezuela, one from Mexico, one from Bolivia and one from Ecuador. I conducted individual research sessions where children and I drew, wrote and conversed. Children drew the most significant events in their migration process and wrote short narratives. The main findings from this study include the impact of grandmother/grandchild separation on immigrant children, children’s multiple transitions across countries and within Canada, children’s worries due to language barriers, and the value children place on peer cultural brokering. The paper concludes with recommendations and a reminder of the importance of conducting research with children. Key words: Immigrant children, Latin America, loss, residential mobility, cultural brokering.





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