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Winter Studies And Summer Rambles: Anna Jameson's Representations Of The ‘Other’ And Self In 19th Century Colonial Canada

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posted on 2021-06-15, 14:12 authored by Giatti Stephanie

Winter Studies and Summer Rambles, by Anna Brownell Jameson, a travel autobiography documenting her travels through Upper Canada from December of 1836 to August of 1837 and her contact with Native people. Despite Jameson’s claim of representing events as they are, devoid of subjectivity, it is clear that her writings reflect both the discourse of the time as well as her own position as a white, English speaking woman. Further, the colonial setting and the ‘contact zone’ provided Jameson with a space in which to experience different definitions of femininity and build on her feminist beliefs. In this environment she was able to evaluate the position of both white and Aboriginal women presenting a view which distinguished her from many other women writers of this genre.





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