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William S. Sawyer exhibition : a thesis project : a curated exhibition of William S. Sawyer's collection and the preservation recommendations for its storage

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posted on 2021-06-08, 11:31 authored by Elisabeth Teresa Jessica Caron
This practical thesis project examines the planning process of a specific exhibition using the photographic collection of a Canadian photographer / portrait painter William S. Sawyer. The exhibition is drawn from the many artifacts, including photographic prints, family albums, newspaper clippings, and speeches on photography from William S. Sawyer's personal collection that were donated to the Archives Department at Queens University. Following several discussions with the head archivist at Queens University, Mr. Paul Banfield, I have created an exhibition for future display at Queens University archives. The exhibition contains a selection of 48 prints and related artifacts. This paper examines the procedures and decision-making processes used while planning this exhibition. The appendix includes the traditional byproducts of an exhibition including checklists, wall text, gallery layout and preservation and conservation recommendations for the objects included in the exhibition.





Master of Arts


Photographic Preservation and Collections Management

Granting Institution

Ryerson University

LAC Thesis Type