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What Empowers or Disempowers Sikh Women after Migrating to Ontario, Canada?

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posted on 2022-11-24, 17:33 authored by Rajinder Kaur Virk
Sikh women are known for their valour and bravery in India. But many negative stereotypes are attached to their identity in Canada. They are often labelled as submissive and docile. This research has focused on empowering and disempowering factors experienced by Sikh women in Ontario, Canada. There is a substantial amount of literature on South Asian women’s experiences but there is a lack of literature, particularly focusing on Sikh women’s empowerment. In this study in person interviews were conducted with three Sikh women who were between the ages of 30-40 years and have immigrated to Canada from Punjab, India and have lived in Ontario for five years or more. Qualitative research was conducted using a narrative methodology. Recruitment emails were used to select study participants. The goal of this research is to add to existing social work literature. Findings will aid settlement agencies in understanding the needs of Sikh women, after they migrate to Canada and what challenges are faced by them. This, in turn, will help settlement workers to provide culturally competent support to Sikh women. This study will also help challenge some of the negative myths about Sikh women.





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