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Watchdog Journalism In The Fifth Estate: The Diet Prada Effect

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posted on 2023-06-20, 21:20 authored by Phoebe Forbes

Diet Prada is a watchdog Instagram account in the fashion industry with over 1.8 million followers as of March 2020. This study explores how consumers interact with Diet Prada as a non-traditional media source and a watchdog journalist operating in the fifth estate. Using a mixed methods approach, this study interviewed 11 individuals to discuss their knowledge and experience with Diet Prada as an information source. A content analysis was conducted to analyze the 97 posts uploaded by the account between July to December of 2019. The study revealed that participants engaged with the Instagram account in a similar capacity to a traditional media source, citing convenience and accessibility. However, they were more likely to question the material they read on the Diet Prada account due to the lack of checks and balances. The study’s findings support the work surrounding the increasing tendency to use social media as an information source.  





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Ryerson University

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Osmud Rahman