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Voluntary Energy Programs and the Evaluation of Factors Influencing Corporate Participation: A Case Study in the Commercial Sector

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posted on 2021-05-24, 17:28 authored by Cahterine Mulé
This study examined the factors that had the greatest influence on companies joining the Building Owners and Managers Association of Toronto Conservation and Demand Management Program, the experiences of the participants in the program, and the level of program satisfaction the participants had. The study also assessed what qualities the program had that deterred businesses from joining. Surveys and interviews were conducted to examine the reasons for joining, as well as the reasons for not joining. Survey results showed that companies joined the program primarily for financial incentives and environmental improvement. In-depth interviews showed cost effectiveness and return on company investment as drivers for joining. Survey results also showed participant satisfaction with the program; however, analysis of the interview data revealed dissatisfaction with program due to several administrative difficulties and a long payback period. Upfront capital cost was a major challenge in energy program participation for non-participants.





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Ryerson University

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