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Voltage stability analysis using STATCOM

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posted on 2021-05-22, 16:00 authored by Umang Patel
Power system stability is gaining importance because of unusual growth in power system. Day by day use of nonlinear load and other power electronics devices created distortions in the system which creates problems of voltage instability. Voltage stability of system is major concerns in power system stability. When a transmission network is operated near to their voltage stability limit it is difficult to control active-reactive power of the system. Our objectives are the analysis of voltage stability margin and active-reactive power control in proposed system which includes model of STATCOM with aim to analyse its behavior to improve voltage stability margin and active-reactive power control of the system under unbalanced condition. The study has been carried out using MATLAB Simulation program on three phase system connected to unbalanced three phase load via long transmission network and results of voltage and active-reactive power are presented. In future work, we can do power flow calculation of large power system network and find the weakest bus of the system and by placing STATCOM at that bus we can improve over all stability of the system





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