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Views Of Egypt By Georgios And Constantinos Zangaki : Examining A Late Nineteenth-Century Photographic Album At The Art Gallery of Ontario

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:50 authored by Serra. Erdem
This thesis focuses on Views of Egypt, an album housed in the Art Gallery of Ontario, that contains forty-six albumen prints of which twenty-seven are made by two Greek brothers: Georgios (ca.1845-ca.1895) and Constantinos (ca. 1845-1916) Zangaki. The Zangaki brothers worked as commercial photographers in the late nineteenth century in the Levant. Considering the extensive number of prints by the Zangaki brothers in various institutions worldwide, they must have been successful; yet neither they nor their photographs are well known. Views of Egypt is part of a larger enterprise: late nineteenth-century photography in Egypt that aimed at supplying Oriental scenes and picturesque views to the Western tourist. The Zangaki brothers' photographs are representative of this period and merit closer examination. Furthermore, as it is important to preserve such examples, the last part of the thesis considers the preservation of both the album and the photographs it contains.





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