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Video virality and persuasive power: it’s time and marriage equality

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:19 authored by Derek Kirk
This master’s research project will analyze the rhetorical persuasive appeals found in a YouTube video released by Australian community advocacy group Get Up!, in support of marriage equality in Australia. The video, entitled It’s Time, was released in November 2011 and has since been viewed nearly 8 million times. This paper will identify what persuasive appeals are present in the video that may have contributed to its virality. This paper will also analyze the public YouTube comments to identify what persuasive appeals are evident in comments to either support or oppose the video’s cause, and comments will serve as a measure of the video’s success in driving support for marriage equality. Ultimately this paper aims to understand what makes a successful viral cause-related video, and if the video in question was successful in encouraging active participation in the cause amongst those who commented on the video. Active participation of users will be determined through the primary measure of the video’s success – comments.





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