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Vanitas Obsolescentum An exhibition of images

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posted on 2021-05-23, 10:56 authored by Lianne Wing Yan Ho
Vanitas Obsolescentum is a comment on the obsolescence of contemporary commodity. It draws from prominent theories of obsolescence and appropriates 17th century Dutch Vanitas paintings. This paper begins by addressing themes relevant to the conceptual development of the series, including theories of obsolescence as presented by Packard, Papanek and Slade, the relationship of Dutch Golden Age society to contemporary North American society, Dutch Vanitas paintings, and appropriation of the Vanitas genre in contemporary art history and within this series. It provides a rationale for the use of holography as medium to express concepts of transience and hyperreality. This paper concludes with a discussion of the specifics of Vanitas Obsolescentum, including the symbolism and meaning of each piece within the series.





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Ryerson University

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