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Validation of wind-driven rain module for HAM-tools

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posted on 2021-05-23, 14:36 authored by Sam Siassi
This study is a continuation of previous research carried out to improve the hygrothermal analysis capabilities of the readily available HAM-Tools building simulation software. Previous study intended to improve the program by adding a wind driven rain (WDR) module using the semi-empirical model from ASHRAE 160P. However, further verification of the model was needed. In this study, the WDR module’s verification process was corrected and compared to WUFI simulation. The module was then validated by comparing its results with field measurements. The results indicated that the newly designed HAM-Tools WDR module have good agreement with field measurements. HAM-Tools with added WDR module is then used to study the hygrothermal responses of wood-frame wall with WDR amount calculated using different averaging techniques of high resolution meteorological data. It was concluded that in climates with high rainfall, it is best to use high resolution data (at least 10 minutes) for hygrothermal simulations.





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Ryerson University

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