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Using Sensors (IoT) to Monitor and Improve the Efficiency of Living Green Infrastructure in Urban Development (Literature Review)

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:35 authored by Zarin Afroze
The use of information and communication technology for environmental purposes in urban development can help establish a smart city. Creating a network of sensors that monitor the various parameters of living structure would allow industry professionals to better manage, plan and design storm water mitigation practices. By using IoT, the data from the sensors is stored in the cloud where it can be retrieved and analyzed as needed. There are currently monitoring systems that focus on one particular aspect of the urban environment such as storm water, air pollution or green roofs but this literature review focuses on how these individual approaches can be combined into one to monitor various aspects of living infrastructure including hydrological, atmospheric, soil based and ecological. Based on the literature available, several limitations are identified that need to be addressed before such a monitoring system is possible and can be incorporated into mainstream practice.





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