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Use of advanced embedded piezoceramic sensors for the non-destructive evaluation of reinforced concrete

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posted on 2021-06-08, 11:12 authored by Dan Hughi
The present investigation deals with the development, and implementation, of embedded ultrasonic piezoceramic sensors as part of an active non-destructive health monitoring system for reinforced concrete members. As the world demand for economic, and sustainable energy rises, so does the demand for continuous structural health monitoring systems for high-importance structures such as, oil platforms and nuclear facilities. These facilities require the most reliable, and durable, monitoring systems in order to ensure their most economic, yet prudent operation. The proposed system was evaluated as a means for determining the development of concrete’s early strength, as well as detecting first cracking in concrete. A series of small and full-scale concrete specimens were tested, and a relationship was drawn between the internal crack width of the members and the signal output of the proposed system. The MIRA 3D tomographer was also investigated for detecting the punching shear crack of thick concrete slabs.



Master of Applied Science


Civil Engineering

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