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Understanding the experience of older Chinese women whose socio-economic status changed after migration to Canada.

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posted on 2021-05-23, 16:27 authored by Qi Mao
This study explores the lived experiences of four elderly Chinese immigrant women in Toronto. Using a combination of the socialist feminist theory and an anti-oppressive theory as the framework, this study analyzes how these women’s “dual role”- domestic labour and waged labour and the state pension policies cause them to live in poverty. The findings of this study indicate that these women lack power and are oppressed in almost every interaction that they have within the public sphere - the labour market and the private sphere – the home. Therefore, their poverty is far beyond their personal control. It is strongly associated with social structure injustice based on gender, class, race, immigrant status, age, and state policies. The strategies developed by these women to deal with the oppressive environment and the challenges that they encounter enable them to regain a sense of comfort and connection so that they are empowered and are not feeling alone.





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