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Understanding How Parenting & Family Literacy Centres Help Families Experiencing Poverty & Immigration

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posted on 2021-05-22, 15:03 authored by Eleanore Jane Realmo
This study examines the various ways in which Parenting and Family Literacy Centres (PFLC) can support families in relation to needs that arise from poverty and immigration. Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory was used as a theoretical lens in this study. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data collected from 12 focus groups. Three main themes related to immigration and poverty and the supports from PFLCs emerged from the data analysis: (1) Environment; (2) Resources; and (3) Socializing. The findings present the parents’ responses from their participation in the focus group and are an indication of how parents believe PFLCs can support them. Implications of these results are discussed and recommendations for educators are provided.





Master of Arts


Early Childhood Studies

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Ryerson University

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