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Uncloaking the anxiety behind professional dress

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posted on 2022-11-24, 17:47 authored by Julie Rebecca Rubinger
Graduating from university is one of life’s greatest milestones. Students expect their stress to subside upon graduation; however, the transition from student life to career track entails a new set of stressful circumstances, including how to dress professionally. Using a mixed methods approach, this study examined how recent graduates prepare their clothing for the professional workplace. Participants included 15 recent, professionally employed, postsecondary female graduates who completed a demographic questionnaire, a modified version of a standardized anxiety scale, and a phone interview. In order to determine best wardrobe practices, research included interviews with 5 fashion advisors. Although results revealed recent graduates did not experience any quantitatively significant anxiety, interview responses demonstrated both concern and uncertainty. This research provides insight into the lived experience of recent female graduates. Findings may be used to assist retailers, create guides, and develop workshops for new graduates entering the professional realm.



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Ryerson University

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