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Ultrasound detection using optical interferometry

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posted on 2021-05-23, 09:19 authored by Nusrat Jahan Surovy
Ultrasound imaging is a widely used noninvasive imaging technique for biomedical and other applications. Piezoelectric devices are commonly used for the generation and detection of ultrasound in these applications. However, implementation of two-dimensional arrays of piezoelectric transducers for 3D ultrasound imaging is complex and expensive. Optical Fabry-Perot interferometry is an attractive alternative to the piezoelectric devices for detection of ultrasound. In this method a thin film etalon is constructed and used. Light reflected from the two surfaces of this thin film produces an intensity which depends on the film thickness. When ultrasound is incident on the film, it changes the thickness of the film and consequently modulates the light intensity on the film. In our work, we made two types of etalon (Finesse 2) for our experiment. We detected lower frequency ultrasound (0.5 MHz or 1 MHz) using the build etalon. We determined a linear relationship between the strength of the optical signals and the exerted pressure on a film by the ultrasound. The dependence of the etalon performance on the light wavelength was demonstrated indirectly by measuring the signal at various light incidence angle. Simulation results are also presented. Lastly, we proposed the optimum design of this detection system based on the simulation results. This method of ultrasound detection can be a potential low-cost approach for 3D ultrasound imaging.





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Biomedical Physics

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Ryerson University

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