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Truck Load Distribution Factors in Straight and Skewed Precast Shear-connected Adjacent Voided Slab Beam Bridges

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posted on 2024-03-19, 13:53 authored by Monish Lad
Prefabricated shear-connected voided-slab beam bridges are constructed with shear keys between precast slabs to allow them to share the applied truck load by providing transverse shear continuity along with slab torsional rigidity. Per the 2019 Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, a simplified method of analysis of these bridges under truck loads is yet unavailable. So, a parametric study, using the grillage method of analysis, was conducted to obtain the fraction of truck load carried by each precast slab as affected by bridge span and width, truck load conditions, skew angle, and support flexibility. Results were presented in the form of moment and shear distribution factors for straight bridges and a skew correction factor for skew bridges and then compared to those found in AASHTO-LRFD Bridge Design Specifications. Based on the results, a set of empirical equations were developed for the fraction of truck loading carried by the precast slab for moment and shear calculations for straight bridges along with recommendation for the skew correction factors for skewed bridges.





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Ryerson University

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Khaled Sennah