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Traffic signal coordination for Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario

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posted on 2021-06-08, 11:34 authored by Sharareh Shadbakhsh
The increasing volume of traffic in cities has a significant effect on road traffic congestion and the travel time it takes for road users to reach their destinations. Coordinating traffic signals, which is a system of light that cascade in sequence where a platoon of vehicles can travel through a continuous series of green light without stopping, can improve the driver's experience significantly. This report covers the development of a coordinated traffic signal system along Wellington Street West from Church Street to Blue Jays Way Street as part of a City of Toronto signal coordination project. The objective of this study is to improve coordination through modification of signal timing plans while maintaining reasonably minimal impacts to the side street levels of service and delays. The overall goal is to reduced travel times, delays, number of stops and fuel consumption, resulting in public benefit.





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