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Towards a stronger Canadian fashion industry: an investigation of Canada’s media landscape and its coverage of Canadian fashion

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posted on 2021-05-24, 08:07 authored by Jennifer Braun Braun
Media has proven to be an effective medium to reach consumers and influence public opinion. With a focus on Canada’s media landscape, this study explores the way Canadian media covers Canada’s fashion industry. Using a quantitative research method for a case study, this study examines the frequency at which Canadian brands are present in fashion photo editorials published in Canada’s top readership fashion magazines in 2016, namely, Elle Canada, Flare and Fashion. Findings show that in all three magazines, Canadian fashion makes up a minority stake in fashion editorials, while fashion brands from other countries constitute a majority of product placements. This essay discusses the potential impact of this lack of media exposure for Canada’s fashion industry and puts forward recommendations to benefit the Canadian fashion industry for future fashion photo editorial direction.





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Ryerson University

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