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Thermal And Optical Performance Of Granular Aerogel Glazing After Accelerated Ageing

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posted on 2021-05-24, 13:28 authored by VAdim Novik
The glazing portion of a window has dual but conflicting functions where it is required to provide views to the outside, but also have good thermal resistance. Glazing is usually one of the weak points in the thermal envelope and tends to age quicker and to a higher severity. The combination of granular aerogel inside a glazing cavity is still relatively new product, but could offer both great thermal and optical performance. Currently available durability data for granular aerogel glazing is scarce. Accelerated ageing was used to generate real life equivalent stresses of 13.5‐74 years by exposing a set of samples to several climatic conditions. The center of glass U‐value increased by a maximum of 4% after accelerated ageing in the oven and the temperature cycling machine. A maximum reduction of 211% was measured in the visible transmittance after accelerated ageing climatic and humidity chambers.





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