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Theoretical And Predicted Performance Of Self-Drying Roof Enclosures Throughout North America

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posted on 2021-05-24, 09:47 authored by Rockford Boyer
Roof enclosures traditionally have the largest litigation potential in the construction industry due to the complexities in the design and application. Development of a self-drying roof enclosure would potentially minimize the litigation and provide the additional benefits of increased resiliency, reduced financial burden for building owners, and minimal impact on the environment. Past studies have shown that the self-drying roof enclosures are viable, however, they must meet several performance characteristics. Oak Ridge National Laboratory developed six characteristics required to obtain a functional self-drying roof enclosure. New roofing materials on the market allow for the effective drying potential of enclosures when they become wet. WUFI 6.1 6.1 hygrothermal models were developed to determine if the theory of self-drying roof enclosures is valid in all ASHRAE climatic zones. Effective theoretical self-drying roof enclosure designs are highlighted for potential effectiveness spanning all climatic zones in North America.





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