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The utilization of the freshwater invertebrates hyalella azteca and daphnia magna for use in assessing potential endocrine distruption in aquatic systems

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posted on 2021-05-23, 13:03 authored by Sean Doobay
The chronic physiological effects of the compounds Atrazine, Tributyltin and 17 α-ethinylestradiol were tested on the freshwater aquatic organisms; Hyalella azteca and Daphnia magna. Daphnia magna were exposed to a series of conditions designed to minimize the parthenogenetic cycle of and maximize the sexual cycle resulting in the formation of males and ephippia to be used as a screening assay for potentially endocrine disrupting chemicals. Hyalella azteca were exposed to the three contaminants during a 42-day chronic toxicity assay and analyzed for morphological changes to male secondary gnathopods, female brood pouches and gender ratios. It was found that atrazine, tributyltin and 17 α-ethinylestradiol had no significant effects on the gender ratios or secondary sexual physiology of Hylalla azteca.





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