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The urban planner's guide to coworking: a case study of Toronto, Ontario

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posted on 2023-02-22, 22:00 authored by Zibby Petch
This paper describes exploratory research carried out to examine coworking, an emerging phenomenon of shared, collaborative work spaces, using a case study of the City of Toronto, from the perspective of urban planners and policy-makers. The research is premised on the belief that, as planners, being connected to the pulse of the city and documenting emerging trends is a critical component of our work. The research uses qualitative techniques, including interviews with coworkers and coworking site owner-operators to explore coworking – specifically, to understand the experiences of coworkers, to begin to consider the potential implications of coworking sites on larger city systems, and to examine the relationship between the coworking site, the coworking community, and the surrounding neighbourhood. Ultimately, the research provides future directions for research, in order to inform recommendations about the potential role for public policy and planning intervention in the coworking industry.



  • Master of Planning


  • Urban Development

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Ryerson University

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