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The transition to high definition in English Canadian broadcasting: challenges and opportunities in a changing media environment

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:00 authored by Laura Melinda Hepes
This Major Research Paper sets out to provide an overview of the transition to High Definition television broadcasting from a Canadian perspective using a variety of research methods including interviews with executives from Canada's top media companies, policy research and case studies. This paper will illustrate how the transition to digital television and High Definition (HDTV) technology will fundamentally change the way a television program is produced, broadcast, distributed, and viewed by the audience. It is anticipated that this changeover will significantly alter the economic business models of broadcasters, producers, and broadcast distribution undertakings. It will also affect programming services, while completely restructuring the technical infrastructure of the industry. Therefore, the significance of this changeover has been compared by many as being similar to the switch from black and white to colour television in the 1950s (Brace, 2007; Brinkley, 1997; Galperin, 2004; Hart, 2004; Heidendahl, 2007).





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