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The temporal nature of architecture

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posted on 2021-05-24, 10:18 authored by Michael Stofko
The desire for permanence that has been fundamental to architecture ignores the actuality of the physical world. The flow of time, linked to the process of articulation, is notably absent, resulting in an architecture that is misconstrued as static, passive, and deterministic. This conception of architecture is rooted in a conception of the world which has since been deemed obsolete. Form exists as a transient manifestation of process. This temporal act of creation is perpetual, which depicts form as a momentary state in an object’s continuous actualization. It has been said that process, rather than substance, is the prime constituent of the world. Architecture can be seen as a transient formation of tangible and intangible constituents that are understood as thermodynamic energy processes. Material formation, symbiotically linked to cultural transience, depicts an architecture with no absolute state, rather, it is constantly becoming.





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