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The role of adaptive reuse in building resilience urban communities : a case-based review of praxis in Toronto, Ontario

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posted on 2021-05-25, 07:16 authored by Katherine Faria
Support for adaptive reuse as an urban sustainability strategy has been strengthened in response to recent discussions concerning resource management, environmental protection, and urban revitalization. Studies conducted throughout Europe, North America and Australasia have demonstrated the advantages and procedural barriers of successful adaptive reuse. This study explores the praxis of adaptive reuse in Toronto, Canada, through an analysis of three project case studies: the Distillery Historic District, the Don Valley Brick works, and Wychwood Barns. In addition to a review of site history and function, this study assesses the roles of stakeholders, the diversity and distribution of benefits, project inclusivity, and community impact. This research confirms the role of adaptive reuse in achieving cost savings, ecological preservation, heritage conservation, equity and empowerment, while noted barriers include complexities, funding uncertainty, and design and safety concerns. Finally, options for public incentive programs are included as a strategy for streamlining the reuse process.





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Ryerson University

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