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The next generation leased line telecommunication protection for high voltage substation

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posted on 2021-05-23, 11:41 authored by Murad Hussain
Telecommunication circuits and leased lines have been in use for controlling substations for many years. These circuits have usually been engineered according to set standards however recent studies have shown that the parameters used for engineering the telecommunication circuits have various design flaws that may put these circuits. in jeopardy during a local substation fault. The existing protection scheme for SolarI wind and other relevant power generating farms are such that if they lose communication with the local Utility Transmission Station (UTS)I the UTS automatically trips a local breaker and knocks the generation plant off the grid this could mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue for the generation company hence even a minor flaw in the telecommunication circuits can have a significant impact on the substation control system. This case study reviews the challenges of designing these telecommunication circuits for control and monitoring of substations and also reviews the case study performed by Hydro Quebec on the concept of Zone of Influence. In addition this study also proposes an alternate telecommunication model that when implemented will be able to withstand all the challenges of designing a circuits for the high voltage substation.





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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Ryerson University

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Alagan Anpalagan