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The municipal role in Ontario's Great Lakes bulk water transfer regulations: Implementation of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Sustainable Water Resources Agreement

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posted on 2023-01-10, 17:11 authored by Lisa Lin
Despite being creatures of the province under the Canadian Constitution, municipalities are emerging as a partner by taking action on problems seemingly outside their jurisdiction. Because Ontario municipalities have delegated authority from the Province to directly use and manage the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin, they have reason to be engaged in related policy development and act as partners in this intergovernmental framework. How can municipalities, however, truly act as a partner with those that have ultimate authority over them? Using the example of bulk water transfers, findings from this study provide an understanding of opportunities and barriers for wider municipal involvement within the Basin. While some municipalities can be considered principal actors, differing priorities and limited resources constrain the role municipalities can play as a whole. Further, although municipalities want to be treated like a partner, they remain bound by provincial and federal decisions, thus, limiting the partnership scope.





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