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The impact of continued use of an Enterprise Systems (ES) on job satisfaction

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posted on 2022-11-30, 15:19 authored by Ugonna William Omeziri

Organizations have invested heavily in implementing Information Systems (IS) such as enterprise systems (ES) but experienced significant challenges in realizing the potential benefits from these systems. Despite the maturity of research in ES, little research has examined the impact of continued use of ES on job satisfaction. With increased use and dependency on systems such as ES, recent research has shown that system use can impact employees’ satisfaction especially during the earlier stages of the system implementation. This is because the implementation of this system is usually accompanied with drastic change in work duties and tasks in which employees might have to learn new skills to navigate the new system. This disruptive event can influence employees’ attitudes about their jobs following ES implementation. However, past the initial stage of implementation not much is known about the impact of continued use of ES on employee job satisfaction. This research, by drawing on theoretical models on IT continued usage and IT adoption (e.g., Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology [UTAUT]), theorizes the impact of perceived usefulness (PU) on user satisfaction, IS continuance intention, and job satisfaction, and tests a model through a survey of 108 ES users at a manufacturing company in Canada. The results suggest that facilitating conditions are a salient predictor of perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness and user satisfaction. Additionally, the results support that user satisfaction has a positive and significant effect on continuance intention and employee job satisfaction.





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