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The impact of anti-black racism on black males

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posted on 2021-05-24, 09:45 authored by Rick Acheampong
This paper examines the lived experiences of racialization, oppression, criminalization, and discrimination upon Black males living in Canada. The theoretical framework for my research was comprised of anti-Black racism and Critical Race Theory. These frameworks guided my research into the lived experiences of anti-Black racism against Black males. The research study used a narrative approach where Black male participants shared stories of anti-Black racism. The research entailed asking participants open-ended questions about their lived experiences of anti-Black racism and the impact it has had on their lives. The findings from the research highlighted how marginalized and racialized groups in Canada practice anti-Black racism towards Black people within public spaces. It also showed the anti-Black racism that police officers engage in against Black males within institutions that have a history of being anti-Black. The findings showed the lack of self-awareness and white supremacist beliefs that racialized groups embody when perpetuating anti-Black racism. Also, it highlighted the continuous practice by police officers who racially profile and incarcerate Black males due to their skin color. The conclusion from the study highlighted that Black males continue to experience anti-Black racism within agencies that make up the criminal justice system and the anti-Black racism that marginalized groups engage in when interacting with Black bodies.





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