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The generation of digital elevation models using open source images

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posted on 2021-06-08, 07:47 authored by Nithin Santosh Kumar
Digital Elevation Models are a representation of Earth’s surface and are used in many areas of research. There are a number of freely available DEMs with near-global coverage, which have elevation accuracies ranging between 10 to 25 m. This project attempts to generate DEMs of comparable accuracy using open source images from satellite sensors and web mapping services. Images from Landsat 8, ASTER, and Sentinel-2 satellites, and from Microsoft’s Bing Maps were used to generate DEMs for a 6.633 km2 area in Oshawa, Canada. It was found that it is key that when combining images from different spaceborne sensors, the spatial resolution should be within 10 m of one another. Additionally, the radiometry of the images, in terms of intensity and contrast, must be similar. The highest accuracies of DEMs had RMSE values of 20.047 m and 20.579 m, when combining images from Sentinel-2 with ASTER and Landsat 8, respectively.





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