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The formalization of temporary urbanism in Toronto and proposed equity-based regulatory framework

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posted on 2021-05-25, 07:14 authored by Abraham Plunkett-Latimer
In the past decade since the introduction of temporary urban discourse promising “faster, lighter, and cheaper” planning and a radical reorganization of power between regulators, land owners, and the public, temporary urbanism has become increasingly integrated in formal planning structures. This paper explores how temporary urbanism is being practiced in Toronto and what impact this formalizing process has had on its ability to achieve its claimed goals of democracy, equity, and diversity. This paper specifically assesses the impact that the City of Toronto’s regulatory framework has had on these goals. It concludes by examining how three other cities have created temporary use frameworks, Amsterdam, London, and Vancouver and highlights what lessons can be transferred to the context of Toronto. Key words: temporary urbanism, policy, equity





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