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The experiences of young caregivers of older adults living with complex health Issues

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posted on 2021-05-22, 17:58 authored by Mathabo Mpela-Aren
The research regarding the experiences of younger caregivers is limited and this study is an attempt to understand the experiences of young informal caregivers of older adults with complex health issues. Using a grounded theory approach allowed for development of a theory that focused on the process, action, and interactions that shaped the experiences of the participants. Grounded theory research was conducted using one-on-one in-person interviews with two young caregivers to understand how they experienced caregiving for older adults living with complex health issues. This study revealed that these caregivers dealt with the challenges associated with caregiving and sustain themselves in their caregiving role by primarily utilising informal interventions, which were interventions that were outside of healthcare supports. Culture and family dynamics also affected the caregiver experience. This study highlights the need to examine existing caregiver interventions and expand our understanding of how to support caregivers, who are a diverse group with diverse needs. Caregiving is dynamic and is affected by factors outside of caregiving, thus interventions should be flexible and context-led to better meet the needs of caregivers.





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