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The experiences of racialized youth transitioning out of child welfare

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posted on 2021-05-23, 11:01 authored by Afedah Haniff
This Major Research Paper investigated the experiences of racialized foster youth transitioning out of the Ontario child welfare system. Utilizing theoretical frameworks of anti-Black racism, anti-colonialism and critical race feminism, this study explores how racism is imbedded in child protection work and the resilience of racialized youth in navigating the complex institutional racism and barriers. The main research question of this study are : 1) how do racialized youth describe the treatment they received in foster care as a racialized person? 2) How do racialized youth see themselves navigating society and being independent? The key findings of my study are the following: Lack of financial supports and housing, racism with child welfare, lack of supportive relationships and resilience and advocacy.





Master of Social Work


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Ryerson University

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